This is what people are writing around the blogosphere on this Good Friday:

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Inhabitatio Dei: The Hatred of the Cross

Inhabitatio Dei: The Goodness of Good Friday

Inhabitatio Dei: The Cross as Enthronement

Inhabitatio Dei: Resurrection Blues

Jesus Creed: Good Friday

Jim West: Good Friday

John Stackhouse: Beyond Sentimentality, Moralism, or Mysticism: A “Crucifiable” Jesus

Kata ta Biblia: Good Friday: The Roman View

Koinonia: Good Friday…or was It Wednesday or Thursday (by Walter Kaiser)

TheoSource: When There’s Little Time to Meditate

Also see: BBC’s “Good Friday Around the World” pictures (HT: Titus One-Nine)

Also see: St Helen’s Bishopsgate’s That’s Easter videos, “Life to Death” and “Death to Life” here. (HT: Evangelical Textual Criticism)