(5)Sibboleth: J.R. Daniel Kirk, author of Unlocking Romans, writes this blog. That is a good thing because there is always plenty on the Book of Romans, and the doctrine of resurrection, to look forward to. He has been on a Lent fast from blogging for a while, but his new posts look like they were worth the wait.

(4) M. James Sawyer: The blog is not updated as often as one may like, but this blog is special because it is written by one of my former professors at Western Seminary-San Jose. Dr. Sawyer knows more about church history then any one I have ever met.

(3) Crypto-Theology: I just found this blog. The author is doing his doctoral work in 1 Corinthians, therefore this blog has a lot of great Corinthians material.

(2) Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth: The blog I comment on this most, which says something in and of itself.

(1) Ben Witherington’s Blog: Witherington has been writing a series of posts in response to Bart Ehrman’s new book, Jesus, Interupted, that you may find valuable. Since this book is in the mail from TheOoze.com for me to review I will be reading Witherington’s take as along side the book. I hope Witherington writes a published response, but if he does not, his blogging is long enough to be a small book.