In an e-mail that I received yesterday from Michael Thomson of Eerdmans there was a preview of a interesting forthcoming book titled Filled with the Spirit by John R. Levison. The blurb on the book states,

Filled with the Spirit has a uniquely comprehensive scope: it treats more ancient texts concerning the Spirit than any other book does. Levison’s up-to-date scholarship incorporates the Dead Sea Scrolls and an expansive awareness of Early Judaism less influenced by the latent anti-Semitism present in earlier German scholarship. His fascinating fresh theses include delineating how the notion of “filled with the Spirit” — what it involved and when it occurred — underwent a significant historical change in the ancient world. Levison uncovers the intertwining strands of ecstasy versus inspired intellect, and he shows how the Spirit’s filling was seen as applying both to individuals and to communities.

Though his meticulous scholarship makes Filled with the Spirit an extremely significant academic offering, Levison writes in a flowing, enjoyable literary style, with a clear narrative arc from the inbreathing of Adam to the isolated community encapsulated in 1 John.

Maybe if I am lucky I will receive a copy to preview here!