I came across the following videos over at the Arminian Perspectives blog:

Arminian Witnessing
Calvinist Witnessing
Calvinism, Arminianism, and the Atonement

These are really funny. All three sarcastically approach the methodology that should derive from Arminian and Calvinist thinking. So in the video making fun of Arminianism the witness says, “Jesus loves you and he has a wonderful plan for your life” to which the one being witnesses to says, “That is great, I love myself and I have a wonderful plan for my life”. In the video making fun of Calvinisn the witness says that he has good news, “Jesus may have died for you and he might love you” to which the one being witnesses to says, “I don’t see how that is good news”.

Whatever your perspective is on the Calvinism v. Arminianism approach to salvation, predestination, free will, and so forth, it is good to take a moment to see the humor in all our human attempts to explain and understand how God saves humanity. While it is a serious issue indeed, and one that the church should rightly debate and discuss in-house, it is also so multifaceted that no one expositor–not Luther, nor Calvin, nor Augustine, nor Arminius. and surely not Pelagius–had the last word on the matter.

The videos are made at a website called ‘xtranormal.com’. We need someone to make some regarding charismatics and cessationist. Or Reformed and New Perspectives on Paul.