The blogosphere can say a lot about a local congregation. It has the potential to be a virtual expression of real unity-in-diversity. Although most of the people I worship with on Sunday blog about topics that I know very little about I still find much of it to be interesting because it allows me to get to know them a tad bit better.

Our pastor, Jeff Garner, has a blog that reflects his eclectic interest (often somehow related to his family or the church)at Rachel Wierenga blogs about her life in San Francisco at A Rhapsody. Taylor Keep, who is a masters student at UC Berkeley, blogs at City Food about “evolving food thoughts – and a larger discussion of how the rich, poor, and those between in urban communities, in part through a right relationship with food, can heal their collective societal poverty.” And finally there is Brandon Loper who blogs about the gifts of God known as coffee and wine at Beans and Grapes.

There may be others who blog, but I do not know about it yet. There are of course other ways to be the church (online) which include Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. I wonder how much these form of community enhance or detract from our fellowship together? It would seem that in some sense it enhances it, allowing us to share our lives in real time throughout the day. On the other hand does it keep us from praying for each other, going out of our way to make a phone call to someone we haven’t seen in a while, and so forth, because we can “quick-connect” online? Any thoughts?