A while ago I posted a link to a blog post where Tony Jones had some things to say about the atonement of Christ with which I didn’t agree (see here). So I find it only right to do the same thing now that he has written something that I can affirm. This is what he has to say about the resurrection of Christ:

since the resurrection of Jesus is his defeat of death, evil, and grief, it’s important to me that it really happened. Without a resurrected Jesus, Christianity is impotent. (Exhibit A: liberal Christianity) And I don’t mean a Jesus who was “resurrected” in the Disciples’ hearts, and in my heart. I mean a real resurrection in the space-time continuum by a physical being known as Jesus of Nazareth, as 99.99% of Christians for the last two milennia have believed.

The rest of the post has some interesting things to say as well about historic Christian dogma and historic Christian interactions with social issues that is worth reading. Whatever you may think about what he has to say about other topics, the above statement should receive an “amen”. Read the full post here.

HT: Jesus Creed