7 And they said [each] man to their companion, “Go! And toss lots and we will know whose wickedness [is] upon us.” And they tossed lots and the lot fell on Jonah. 8 And they said to him, “Tell us now, on whose account is this wickedness upon us? What is your occupation and where do you come from? Where is your land and from what people are you?” 9. And he said to them, “I am a Hebrew and I fear YHWH the God of the heavens who made the seas and dry ground.”

Syntactical Analysis:

7. And they said [waw-consecutive + Qal. Impf. 3mp] a man [common n. m.] to his companion [preposition + common n. ms. + 3ms. suffix] Go [Qal, Impr. mp.]! and toss [Hiph. Impf. 1cp] lots [common n. mp.] and we will know [waw-conjunction + Qal. Impf. 1cp.] into whose [participle + participle + inter. pn.] wickedness [adj. fs] this one [ad. fs.] to us [preposition + 1cp suffix]. And they tossed [waw-consecutive + Hiph. Impf. 3mp.] lots [common n. mp.] and it fell [waw-conjunction + Qal. Impf. 3ms.] the lot [common n. ms.] upon Jonah [preposition + proper n. ms.].

8. And they said [waw-consecutive + Qal. Impf. 3mp.] to him [preposition + 3ms. suffix], “Tell now [Hiph. Impv. ms. paragogic h + interjection] to us [preposition + 1cp. suffix] in which [preposition + relative] to whose wickedness [preposition + inter. pn. + adj. fs.] this one [adj. fs.] to us[preposition + 1cp. suffix]? What [inter.] is your occupation [common n. fs. + 2ms. suffix] and from where [waw-conjunction + preposition + adverb] you come [Qal. Impf. 2ms.], what [inter.] your land [common n. + 2ms. suffix] and where [waw-conjunction + inter.] from this [preposition + adj.] people [common n. ms.] you are [pn. 2ms.]?

9. And he said [waw-consecutive + Qal. Impf. 3ms.] to them [preposition + 3mp. suffix] a Hebrew [proper n. ] I am [pn. 1cs.] and YHWH [waw-conjunction + DO marker + proper n.] God of the heavens [proper noun, mp. construct + common n. mp.] I [pn. 1cs.] fear [adj. ms.] that made [relative + Qal. Perf. 3ms.] the seas [DO marker + common n. ms.] and the dry ground [conjunction + DO marker + common n. fs.].

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