I received a free review copy of the Life Application Bible Studies: Hebrews booklet from Tyndale. If I had anything to do with teaching and/or organizing a church small group I would use this resource. It is perfect for that type of teaching setting. It can also be useful for a mid-week Bible study at your local church.

The Life Application Bible Studies series includes the New Living Translation of the biblical text (in this case the Book of Hebrews). There are study footnotes provided along with the text for when you are reading along either in preparation to teach a lesson, leading a small group, or just participating in some sort of Bible study.

Next you will find thirteen lessons on the Book of Hebrews with a guide on how to use this section. The lessons include the following:

Lesson 1: God’s Best: Hebrews Introduction
Lesson 2: No Escape: 1:1-2:4
Lesson 3: Man Alive! 2:5-18
Lesson 4: Hardening of Hearts: 3:1-19
Lesson 5: Rest Stop: 4:1-5:10
Lesson 6: Get Growing: 5:11-6:12
Lesson 7: A Priest Forever: 6:13-7:28
Lesson 8: Direct Line: 8:1-13
Lesson 9: Real Forgiveness: 9:1-10:18
Lesson 10: Hold On!: 10:19-39
Lesson 11: Faithfully His: 11:1-40
Lesson 12: Get in the Race! 12:1-29
Lesson 13: Don’t Forget! 13:1-25

As you can see there is a lesson for every section of the book. Once you have gone through each lesson you will have taught the entire Book of Hebrews. If you are thinking about doing a study like this you should consider purchasing Tyndale’s resource.

For information regarding the reception of the book go here.