As an aftershock from the “good-bye TNIV, hello new NIV” announcement Scot McKnight has created a list of ‘translation tribes’:

NRSV for liberals and Shane Claiborne lovers;

ESV for Reformed complementarian Baptists;

HCSB for LifeWay store buying Southern Baptists;

NIV for complementarian evangelicals;

TNIV for egalitarians;

NASB for those who want straight Bible, forget the English;

NLT for generic brand evangelicals;

Amplified for folks who have no idea what translation is but know that if you try enough words one of them will hit pay dirt;

NKJV and KJV for Byzantine manuscript-tree huggers;

The Message for evangelicals looking for a breath of fresh air and seeker sensitive, never-read-a-commentary evangelists who find Peterson’s prose so catchy.

This is all in good fun, of course! Read the whole post here.

By the way, what is the HCSB?