In the below discussion (see “Ardi = Eve?”) there is one singular point that I wanted to make and that I trust that I am qualified to make: Genesis 1 & 2 are not incompatible with the theory of evolution.

Let me state what this does not mean that I am saying:

(1) That Gen 1 & 2 describe evolution.

(2) That Gen 1 & 2 cannot be read as support for young earth/six-day creationism.

(3) That I understand the process of evolution in a very detailed way.

(4) That I can explain exactly where in Gen 1 & 2 that the author parallels Darwin.

All I am saying is that the biblical language is vague enough that evolution could be true and it would not necessarily be in conflict with the biblical text. It would be in conflict with some reading of the text, but not the actually words of the text.

Does this help at all?