barack_obamaListen, I hate discussing politics. I used to enjoy it but I found that it was terribly divisive. If I thought politicians in one party where better than politicians in another party I may give it more attention. All I have seen thus far is that Barack Obama is doing a whole bunch of things that George W. Bush did and that a “super-majority” of Democrats doesn’t appear any different that one with Republicans.

As one friend of mine has alluded toward politics in the United States in divided between Democrats and Republicans. One is to the left of one; one is to the right of one. It should be noted though that Tokyo is “east” (and “west” for that matter) of New York and so is London, but the distance between New York and London is not the same as New York and Tokyo. Likewise, Republicans and Democrats may appear far apart, but this is only vague perception.

I have digressed because this is not about American political parties. This is about global values. I voted for Barack Obama. I am still pretty convinced that he was a better choice than John McCain. I think his election was a great moment for our country in that it represented a superficial transition regarding race in the history of this country. But I do not think he is some sort of messianic figure and I think every day Americans who did are realizing he is but a mere man.

Let me echo what Blake Huggins wrote via Twitter in response to our President winning the coveted Nobel Peace Prize: “if the president of the US winning the nobel peace “prize” signifies anything it is that we haven’t a clue what peace really is”. I know the job of the President of the United States of America is not an ecclesiastical office. He is not a bishop. He is the leader of a nation. He has responsibilities I could not handle and he knows things I could not bare to know. I respect the man and his office. But the Nobel Peace Prize???

Isn’t that an award you give to someone like Mahatma Gandhi?! Since when does the president of a nation that is involved in war all the time symbol peace? What is peaceful about Americans in Afghanistan, Iraq, here, there, and everywhere? Sure, the Pax Romana and even the Pax Americana is better than chaos. Sure, Iraq had a crazy dictator. Afghanistan has insane religious militants. Iran has a president who denies the historical reality of the Holocaust. But peace is not policing, per se, and we are policing (for the better or for the worse).

Again, I hope Barack Obama has a great several years as the President of this nation. I wanted George W. Bush to do well too. I hope who ever comes after Obama does well (even if it is that one nutty woman from Alaska). I am an American, I like my life, and I think as far as human government is concerned we do a decent job. But we are not a peaceful people.

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