brcAn ol’ friend of mine–Bruce Reyes-Chow–is coming to the end of his term as the Moderator of the PC USA. He will soon return to what is really important, namely pastoring in my beloved city of San Francisco (at MBCC). He has announced something really great. He will be writing a book!

I am excited about this since (1) I think Christian ministry in San Francisco is an amazing adventure and (2) I think Bruce is an all around great person. It should be a good book for those reasons alone if for no other! Anyways, if you would like to follow Bruce’s move from Moderator to author you can do so at his blog “embracing the gray“.

Also, do not forget his long time personal blog that hopefully will receive more attention now that he will be coming back to a normal, post-Mod(erator) life! You can access that as