filledI want to say “thank you” to Michael Thomson, an editor at Eerdmans Publishing, for a review copy of John R. Levison’s Filled with the Spirit. I have been anticipating this book for some time now. I was excited to see it in the mail this week.

John R. Levison is a professor of New Testament at Seattle Pacific University. Scot McKnight has said that this book may already be “the benchmark and starting point for all future studies of the Spirit”. Those who wrote blurbs for the book include Walter Bruggemann, John Collins, James D.G. Dunn, Susan R. Garrett, Fritz Graf, Alan F. Segal, Max Turner, and Amos Yong. Yong compares the impact of Levison’s work on pneumatology to Karl Barth’s Romerbrief on biblical studies!

I will review this book part by part, chapter by chapter. I am sure to learn a lot from Prof. Levison’s work. I am equally sure that there will be much that will bring out a reaction from me. Either way, I anticipate that this book will impact my own views of the Holy Spirit.