gofthomperrinThere are a few areas that I intend to focus on blogging about over the next few months: (1) John R. Levison’s book Filled with the Spirit (see here). (2) The Gospel of Mark (see here and here). (3) The forthcoming Advent Season, especially since my local church assembly, Imago Dei, has been a catalyst for the ‘Advent Conspiracy’ movement (see here and here). (4) Finally, non-canonical documents, especially gospels (see here). I wrote this paragraph if for nothing else but to remind myself to stay focused on discussions I have already started.

One of those areas, #4, will include The Gospel of Thomas which I will be writing a term paper on in early December. In preparation, at the nudging of Mike’s book review on Nicholas Perrin’s Thomas: The Other Gospel (see here) I will probably be giving a fair amount of attention to this book and Thomas about which it was written.

Anyways, this may very well be useless information but for those who are wondering if this blog is worth visiting, at least to read what I write (I am not sure about what JohnDave has up his sleeve), you now have something upon which you can base your decision!