My classmate James “Jimmy” Dutton has been pondering lately on how God can be weak (here). In that post, he leaves the thought hanging in the air:

3. A friend whom I attend seminary with, during a conversation a few weeks ago, said that “God is weak.” It is powerful, and disturbing language. I’m just going to leave it there, because the ideas behind why he said “God is weak” would take a long time to write and I have a paper to work on so…in light of theodicy, suffering, and the cross…reflect on what it means when my fellow seminarian says, “God is weak.”

In his most recent post, he goes further with his insights, beginning with

It is a difficult concept, to be sure.

and ending with

What is weak to us, exhibits true power.

The meat is sandwiched between those two statements, and you will have to read the entire recent post (link below) because any of my commentary on it could not do it justice: it is beautifully put, and engages with and challenges anyone who claims to know God.

Entire recent post here.