These were the top ten most read post on this blog in 2009:

10. “A Time of Be Silent and a Time to Speak” (December 7th)

09. “Seminary v. University?”  (December 5th)

08. “Why θεός not יהוה?” (November 1st)

07. “Is ‘Allah’ the Father of Jesus?” (October 25th)

06. “Yes, God is the God of All” (October 27th)

05. “About Near Emmaus

04. “Book Reviews of John H. Walton’s ‘Lost World of Genesis One‘” (October 8th)

03. “Yes, I Left. No, It Is Not Sad” (October 5th)

02. “President Barack Obama Won the Nobel Peace Prize?” (October 9th)

01.  “Ardi=Eve?” (October 2nd)

Note: We moved from Blogger to WordPress on September 30th, so this may have altered the stats. I am not sure if this is because WordPress cannot record the stats from when these posts were read on Blogger or if we simply had increased traffic once we moved to WordPress.