I know I said we should ignore the types of things that come out of the mouth of Pat Robertson (here) but Jon Stewart has said some things that I want to comment on. On The Daily Show Stewart rebuked Pat Robertson for his response to the earthquake in Haiti and it was done in such a way that I want to say “Amen!” to Stewart (see here). Basically, Stewart asked Robertson why when he has such a large book (the Bible) full of passages that can be used to encourage and uplift those who are heart and broken he opted to instead make reference to an urban legend.

I think Stewart understands the function of Scripture in a time of tragedy better than Robertson!

Robertson sounded like the friends of Job. It may be that the friends of Job told some truth, at least some half truth, but the fact of the matter was what happened to Job was because God made a pact with Satan! Robertson wants to talk about Haiti making a pact with Satan. Robertson has no way of knowing why God has allowed this earthquake at this time to these people just like Job’s friends had no idea what God was really doing.

What do we do in a time of pain and suffering? Well, we do what Jon Stewart would have us do. We edify, we encourage, we read those Psalms that comfort, we remember the lives of those who have suffered before us, we confess the goodness of God. What do we not do? Exactly what Pat Robertson did.