To provide a definition of “revelation” D.A. Hagner affirmingly quotes C.F.H. Henry writing this:

Revelation cannot…be equated simply with the Hebrew-Christian Scriptures; the Bible is a special segment within a larger divine activity of revelation…Special revelation involves unique historical events of divine deliverance climaxed by the incarnation, atonement, and resurrection of Jesus Christ [1]

So Scripture provides divine revelation, but it is not the climax of divine revelation. That belongs to the work of God through Jesus Christ in the incarnation which led to his death and resurrection. Thoughts?

[1] C.F.H. Henry in Inspiration and Interpretation, ed. J. Walvoord (1957), 254f. cited in G.E. Ladd,  A Theology of the New Testament (1974), n. 47, 21. (Donald Hagner contributed to the revised edition)