This post if for Brian Fulthorp who previously mentioned that he wants to read more of Gregory of Nazianzus’ pastoral theology. Maybe you will like this quote. I think all pastors should seriously consider the words written here:

“You’ve been considering a bishop as you would an accountant, laying stress on mere rubbish, where I’ve been concerned with important issues. A priest should have one function and one only, the sanctification of souls by his life and teaching. He should raise them toward the heights by heavenly impulses. He should be serene, high-minded, reflecting like a mirror the godly and unspotted image he has inside. For his flock he should send up holy offerings, until the day when he, too, shall perfect them into an offering. Other matters he should relinquish to those skilled in them.” [1]

Then, as now, the great concern of pastoral ministry may very well be that we have the pastor busy doing everything but pastoring. He must balance the budget, organize the building program, counsel all the saints, develop new and strategic ways to evangelize the city, engage in social/political issues of the day, and then, only then, if there is time, we let him slip away to study the Scriptures in hopes that we will not bore us during the Sunday morning homily. We as the church have minimized the potential of many good pastors by asking them to do the tasks we should be doing which prohibits them from doing the tasks that we cannot do. But who am I to say these things? That is my (maybe vain) rant on behalf of hard working pastors everywhere.

[1] Concerning Himself and the Bishops, 2.1.12  as quoted in Brian E. Daley, Gregory of Nazianzus, 52.