I am reading Krister Stendahl’s Paul Among Jews and Gentiles (p. 8). In his essay by the same title Stendahl makes reference to Paul’s identity as one called from the womb who would go to the Gentiles (see Gal. 1.13-16). This echoes the prophetic calls of Isaiah (49.1) and Jeremiah (1.5) which led me to wonder about the influence of the prophet Jeremiah on the Apostle Paul. I know there are books about the influence of Isaiah on Paul (e.g. J.R. Wagner’s Heralds of the Good News: Isaiah and Paul “in Concert” in the Letter to the Romans), but I haven’t seen anything on Jeremiah. Nevertheless, it seems the Jeremiah may have influenced Paul being that Jeremiah (1) prophesied to apostate Israel and (2) prophesied to the nations/Gentiles (again Jer. 1.5–goyim). If anything I would suspect that Paul may have formed his sense of mission on the basis of a similar self-understanding that he shared with Jeremiah.

Does anyone know of a work that explores this relationship?