Paul N. Anderson, founding co-chair of the John, Jesus, and History Group at the national Society of Biblical Literature meetings, is set to do a two series of lectures on the Gospel of John. These series begin April 18 and run to May 30. The venue is Reedwood Friends Church in Portland, Oregon. The Sunday series is titled “Reading John Again . . . for the First Time” (from 11:00 am to noon) and the Wednesday series is “Jesus, Christ, and John” (from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm). Looking at the schedule, these will be interesting and informative sessions. Here is a preview:

  • April 18 (Sun.): Navigating the Living Waters of the Gospel of John – Wading with Children and Swimming with Elephants
  • April 21 (Weds.): The Literary Riddles of the Fourth Gospel – John’s Literary Puzzles
  • April 25 (Sun.): In the Beginning – Then and Now
  • April 28 (Weds.): The Theological Riddles of the Fourth Gospel – The Christ of Faith

Of particular interest will be the joint session with another local but renowned historical-Jesus scholar Marcus J. Borg:

  • May 19 (Weds.): The Origin of the Gospels – The Synoptics and John

Anderson was recently featured in George Fox University‘s Journal about his insights on the Synoptics and John (here). We will get to hear perspectives from both Anderson and Borg at a public symposium hosted again at Reedwood:

  • May 22 (Sat.): Jesus in Bi-Optic Perspective: Latest Scholarship on the Synoptics and John

Christian News Northwest, in its print version, thinks this session has potential for a scholarly yet civil debate.