There has been a lot said around the blogosphere regarding the departure (resignation) of Bruce Waltke from Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) because of a video in which he supports evolution. Rather than add another voice I thought I would provide a starting point for those who want to read through some of the various perspectives on this matter.

First, it appears that the video is no longer available because The Biologos Foundation had come to agreement to take it down (here). The reasons for its removal can be found here and a joint statement on the matter from Waltke and Darrel Falk, the President of The Biologos Foundation, can be found here.

Second, the news on this controversy has spread quickly. The story written by USA Today can be found here. The coverage provided by Christianity Today can be found here. I am sure there are a dozen more outlets.

Third, around the blogosphere there are reflections by J.R.D. Kirk (here) which mentions that Tremper Longman III has been uninvited from his adjunct gig at RTS for a video where he questions the historicity of Adam (here). Michael Bird sees this situation as being evidence that the future for Old Testament professors in Reformed theological circles in the United States is bleak (here) alluding to the Peter Enns/Wesminster Theological Seminary fiasco last year and some of the recent criticism being leveled at John Walton. Scot McKnight expresses his concern here. Rod Dreher gives his thoughts here.

Rick Philips at Reformation 21 also compares this situation to the one with Peter Enns and Westminster Seminary last year while being critical of both Enns and Waltke (here). Doug Wilson has some critical things to say what he sees as a compromise by Waltke for the sake of relevance (here). Justin Taylor provides a chronology of this saga which states that, “Dr. Waltke tendered his resignation at RTS, which was apparently rejected at first—or at least not initially accepted.” Thus far his story line (here) is the first one that I have seen that implies that Waltke initiated the split with RTS. Taylor derived his outline from the story written by Scott Jasschik for Inside Higher Ed (here).

I am sure there is much more on this subject this should serve as a sufficient starting point.