Is evangelicalism being split into two camps? There has been talk of the N.T. Wright v. John Piper approach to justification for a few years now. Then there has been a conference dedicated to the theology of Wright (which has implication on how we understand the gospel) that occurred the same week thousands of Neo-Reformed Christians gathered to discuss the gospel. Now at ETS this year it will be Tom Schreiner v. Wright discussing justification by faith.

On the one hand, this may be one of those rivalries that disappears quickly–like John F. MacArthur v. Charles Ryrie/Zane C. Hodges on the discussion of “Lordship” v. “Free-Grace” salvation. I was a small child when all that was being debated and discussed and I look at it complexed. I don’t understand what either party is saying.

On the other hand, this may be mammoth. Brett McCracken wrote for Christianity Today on the two aforementioned conferences stating hopefully that one day the two parties would meet together (here). Michael Bird is not very confident that this will happen (see here). I agree. It is not likely these two parties will see eye-to-eye anytime soon. It could be something that will actually create two different trajectories for evangelicalism.

Or it could be something my (future) kids read about asking, “What were they fighting about again?”