I was reminded through a post by Ryan Burns that yesterday, May 2nd, we remember the death of the great Bishop-Theologian Athanasius of Alexandria which occurred in 373 CE. He was one of the most pivitol theologians in the history of the church. At points it seems like he almost single handedly defended Nicean theology.

For those who have never read the works of Athanasius or works about Athanasius I would encourage you to do so. I would begin with On the Incarnation and Against the Gentiles. As far as works on Athanasius are concerned I would recommend a couple of solid introductions written by Khaled Anatolios, namely Athanasius and Athanasius: The Coherance of His Thought. If you can think of another work you would recommend please leave a comment.

To begin reading Athanasius consider Philip Schaff’s work available free online here.