Belgium has banned the burqa “d’assurer la sécurité publique ” (to assure public security). France will likely follow in order to preserve itself as a “secular state”. Now someone in the UK has been arrrested for “abusive or insulting language” which is contrary to the Public Order Act that includes admitting to a passer-by that he that thinks homosexuality is a sin. It seems that religious freedoms are being dwarfed by the secularization of Europe.

Now I admit that there have been plenty of occassions when I wished the police would arrest street preachers so the third case may really be about public disturbance. On the other hand, those laws being passed against the burqa seem a bit more intense. As a United States citizen it seems odd that our country would hound China for not observing religious freedoms but I have not found many complaining about Europe.

Should this bother us?