Tomorrow I will be meeting with my THM program advisor for coffee to have preliminary discussions regarding my thesis. I will not begin writing it until January but it is good to plan ahead. At this juncture all I will say is that I am aiming for some theological exegesis from Romans 8.18-23 with the following key ideas in mind: Spirit, Adoption, Resurrection, New Creation, and Imago Dei.

In a similar vein this summer will be all about acquiring more tools for research. I just completed my second term of the program (something I will reflect upon soon). Now I am going to do some summer classes. The two I have lined up are RES 600, Graduate Research and Writing with Dr. R.A. Krupp and THS 680, Independent Study: Theological French with Dr. Jan Verbruggen.

In the first class I will basically be shown the basic structure of thesis research and writing. It is a mandatory class for all THM students. It may sound redundant since by now I should know how to do research but I can guarantee I will be all the better for it. The books I have to read/engage for this class are the following:

– V.A. Howard and J.H. Barton, Thinking on Paper

– Thomas S. Kane, The New Oxford Guide to Writing

– A.J. Sertillanges, The Intellectual Life

William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White, The Elements of Style

The second class is a bit more intimidating.  Actually, I am currently scurrying to get a grasp on basic French right now! The books for this class are the following:

– Louis Segond, La Sainte Bible

Karl C. Sandberg and Eddison C. Tatham, French for Reading

– Collins Robert, French Unabridged Dictionary

K. Janet Ritch, Reading French: A Guide for Students of Religion and Theology

– Christopher and Theodore Kendris, 501 French Verbs