C. Michael Patton has written a book  titled Why I Am Not Charismatic denouncing the continuationist position regarding the charismata that he is giving away for free as a PDF (here). I assume he is giving it away for free, in part, because it wouldn’t be worth the cost of printing. I guess the other reason would be his hope that this will create a more viral influence.

That being said it is good to see T.C. Robinson challenging some of the book’s premises as well as its appeals to authority. In his first post he challenges the selectiveness with which Patton declares these gifts to have ceased and those to have continued (here). In his second post he challenges his appeal to the authority of Augustine on matters regarding the continuation of glossolalia in the life of the church (here). While I have no intention of reading the book I do appreciate these posts and I hope to see a few more in addition.