As I was working on my summary for Dr. Paul Anderson’s presentation last Wednesday (which should be ready later today), I took a break to read Brian’s post on his Th.M. (here). It had one point that reminded me of George Fox Evangelical Seminary’s commitment to biblical ecology. One of those paving the way is Dr. Daniel Brunner, our Professor of Christian History and Formation, and a GreenFaith Fellow. It is my hunch that he was the catalyst for the institution of the Christian Earth Keeping concentration (here). From the looks of it, the two-year concentration is quite comprehensive, examining ecology from the perspectives of both testaments, as well as within various systematic theology perspectives. Dr. Brunner’s love for all creation from a biblical perspective influenced my choice on a Prius and on Apple electronics.

In addition, A. J. Swoboda, one of the seminary’s adjuncts, is pursuing a Ph.D. from the University of Birmingham. His dissertation is on pneumatology and ecology.

Those who are all for biblical ecology will want to check this out: The Green Bible.