Gordon Fee one of the most respected New Testament scholars alive today is also one of the most diverse. Although he is a professed Pentecostal most practicing Pentecostals never heard of him. Another position that he holds that some may not be aware of is that he is also an Egalitarian.

In his essay “The Priority of the Spirit Gifting for Church Ministry” we get a glimpse of his diversity and how he combines his understanding of the Spirit and gender equality.

This chapter will explore how the gifting of the Spirit affects our understanding of people’s ministries and areas of service in the church. I begin with a disclaimer about the concept of “equality.” What is at stake is not whether all people are equally gifted; they are not. What is at stake is whether God the Holy Spirit, in his gifting of the people of God, ever makes gender a prior requirement for certain kinds of gifting. I will argue that on this point what biblical data we do have seems clear; the Sprit does not. “Discovering Biblical Equality – Complementarity without Hierarchy, Gordon D. Fee p241”