Another list of links for you to browse:

– David Hart laments the historical inaccuracies of the film Agora here.

– Marc Cortez asks people to name the most influential books they have never read here.

– The unity and diversity of the early church was discussed by Michael Bird here, James McGrath here, Ari here, and Darrell Pursiful here and so forth. Last Seminary has listed several article on the subject as well which can be found here.

– Matt Miller interviews N.T. Wright here and here.

– Western Seminary ThM students who were part of a class on the Greek Fathers (including your’s truly) have posted all their papers for public viewing here. Also, alumus Matt Mikalatos, author of Imaginary Jesus, was featured in the Oregonian here.

– T.C. Robinson defends Ted Haggard’s decision to return to the pastorate here; Thiselton’s comments on Paul’s “Trinitarianism” here.

– Jason Poling writes about the moral implications of the oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico here.

– Diana Butler Bass explains what she thinks is the real cause of division between Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams and Episcopalian Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori here.

– The Vatican is taking on Fundamentalist (?) here.

– Chris Reese brings up the question of whether or not Christ would had come if humans had not sinned here.

– Stan Hauerwas discusses his memoir and his surprise of being a Christian here.

– Nathan Kerr, Ry O. Siggelkow, and Halden Doerge presented thirteen theses on kingdom-world-church that has resulted in much discussion here. It received a response from J.K.A. Smith here, Geoffery Holsclaw here, and  D. Stephen Long here.

– Jim West declares the end of “a-theistic biblical studies” here. Marc Cortez discusses the article here.