I finally got my copy of “Christology and the New Testament by Christopher Tuckett“. I’m trying not to buy physical books if possible but at the cost of $4.99 at ChristianBooks.com I could not resist. I had ordered this book a while back and it actually came in about a week or so but forgot to mention it. Christology is one of my favorite subjects so I hope this will be a fine addition to my collection.

The other books on Christology that I have are:

  • Pauline Christology by Gordon Fee
  • The Person of Christ by Donald MaCleod
  • Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective by Fred Sanders & Klaus Issler (Co-Editors)
  • Lord Jesus Christ by Larry W. Hurtado
  • Following Jesus by N.T. Wright (not quite Christology but hopefully deals with it enough to categorize it as such, I really don’t know since I have not read much as of yet)
  • Wish List:
    • Christology – A biblical, historical, and systematic study of Jesus 2nd edition, by Gerald O’Collins
      • Kindle Edition 🙂