Robert Jimenez was unable to write his weekly “Fridays with Fee” blog post due to a busy schedule so I thought I would cover for him. This week I will share a short quote from God’s Empowering Presence (p. 31) on the meaning of the word “Spirituality”. In our society being “spiritual” is preferred to being religious but Fee argues that there is no reason to consider oneself “spiritual” without a certain vital element:

…for Paul the Spirit alone distinguishes believer from nonbeliever. God’s people have the Spirit, and are by that very fact “spiritual” (= Spirit people), while others are not, nor can they be “spiritual” in any meaningful (for Paul) sense of the word, precisely because they lack the one criterion for “spiritual” life, the Spirit of the living God.

There is an unpopular paragraph in today’s society if you have ever read one! Nevertheless, I agree with it. While all humans have a “spirit” element it is pretty straightforward in Paul that it is nothing without being united t0 the Spirit of God.