This week’s list of noteworthy links includes the following:

– Derek Ouellette has written an intro to David L. Allen’s book Lukan Authorship of Hebrews here.

– Andrew Perriman goes through several passages in the gospels that are commonly attributed as proof that Jesus claimed to be God and argues that none of them actually do so here. Similarly, he asks if Jesus “acted” as God here.

– Matt Flanagan addresses the problem of genocide in the Book of Joshua here. Ken Pulliam responds here. Flanagan retorts here. (HT: Scientia et Sapientia)

– There have been several discussions regarding the celebration of national holidays during worship gatherings  and the displaying of flags in church buildings. Mike Bird has some thoughts here. Nick Norelli writes a response here. Marc Cortez discusses the subject here. Michael Gorman weighs in here.

– James Crossley adds his comments to the ongoing discussion regarding the future direction of SBL here.

– Scot McKnight asks is ecology is part of the gospel here.

– Marc Cortez remembers the death of Cyril of Alexandria here and Irenaeus of Lyon here.

– Several Christian leaders were asked to list some books that have changed their lives here.

– There is a new theological journal for students which you can learn more about here.

– The Englewood Review of Books lists the top ten books of the first half of 2010 here.

– James McGrath shares some thoughts on the movie Agora here. Also, he has begun reviewing The Historical Jesus: Five Views here. His first target is Robert M. Price here.

– Bruce Reyes-Chow will be teaching a course of social media in ministry at McCormick Theological Seminary this fall. For more information go here.