I’ve asked this once before but I thought I’d ask it again in case it results in more responses: Does anyone have any recommendations as regards either books and/or articles on the subject of how Paul interpreted Gen. 1-3? While I can see where books on the subject of new creation can be valuable I am looking to slide further behind that subject to Paul’s understanding of how Gen. 1-3 should be read with questions in mind such as the purpose of creation, the role of humanity, and how “the fall” changed or did not change this.

If it helps provide a bit more context I am wanting to do something similar to what J. Ross Wagner did with Paul’s use of Isaiah in Romans in Heralds of the Good News: Paul and Isaiah in Concert in the Letter to the Romans but I want to explore his use of Genesis in the same epistle. While I know “new creation” is a major Pauline theme (esp. in Col. & Eph.) this skips a step for me.

If you are wondering what passages in Romans I have in mind those would be 1.18-32 which Morna Hooker has (in my opinion) argued correctly that Paul sees humanity reenacting the fall of Adam in the garden by submitting to the creature rather than the Creator; 5.12-21 where Paul understands Christ to be who Adam failed to become; most all of chapter eight where I think “sons of God” terminology has an Adamic connection (Christ being the new human with the rest being adopted into this new humanity being conformed to the image of Christ the one who rules as Adam did not in 1.1-3) as well as the creation waiting for relief from the Gen. 3.17 curse in 8.18-23; and finally the obscure reference in 16.20 that applies the Messianic defeat of the serpent to the whole people of God echoing Gen. 3.15.

My goal is to show that Paul’s understanding of the beginning has major implications for how he understand the Christ event as the future of all things. In other words, I think it has major eschatological implication that are sometimes overlooked. If you know any authors who have gone down this road please point me in that direction!