So I asked my wife to tell me what she thought the English translation of the following words would be and she answered just as I did…wrongly.

les economies = the economies? No, savings.

la lettre recommandee = the letter of recommendation? No, registered mail.

Some others that I find bothersome:

l’arret =  not the arrest, but “stop”
attendre = “to attend”? Nope, “to wait”
la place = not “the place”, but “the seat”
le pain = not “the pain”, but “the bread”
rester = not “to rest”, but “to stay”
demander = “to demand”? No, “to ask”

I am sure there are many more but you get the point. If a word in French sounds like it should mean something in English don’t assume that it does. It just may not. I hate false cognates!