JohnDave Medina is one of the contributors to this blog as well as a student at George Fox Evangelical Seminary where he has been working closely with Dr. Paul Anderson on the Fourth Gospel as it relates to historical Jesus studies. In fact, this paradigm shifting project has been mentioned a few times here on this blog. Now it has gained some attention in the blogosphere because of an article that Anderson has recently written for Bible and Interpretation titled “The Fourth Quest for Jesus…So What, and How So?” (see here).

Jim West, Darrel Pursiful, Ari, and James McGrath have already commented on it but if you’d like an additional introduction to Anderson’s thesis please consult JohnDave’s post here. Likewise, it is my hopes that JohnDave may answer some questions you have about this project since he is involved directly so feel free to leave some comments. On a side note I am with Jim West on this that I think it about time this subject is revisited and especially because of the things that I hear from JohnDave that I find very interesting.