This week’s list includes the following:

– Halden Doerge writes about blogging as “theological discourse” here.

– We’ve provided roundups of discussion on the Gospel of John and historical Jesus studies here and blog post on the role of women in the church here.

– Christopher Benson discusses post-modernity and he has some interesting things to say about the development of a “Biola school” and a “Calvin school” of Christian philosophy here (and here for that matter).

– Frank Turk ask why non-Calvinist hate Calvinism so much here. Adam Omelianchuk discusses the question here. Marc Cortez weighs in here. Nick Norelli here.

– Scot McKnight discusses the Wesleyan Quadrilateral here.

– Mike Bird has more to say on the “Antioch incident” here.

– Larry Hurtado writes about what it is like to be a NT scholar here.

– Esteban Vazquez continues his discussion on academic responsibility here.

– Mark Stevens asks you to choose between Carson and Moo here, Waltke and Bruggemann here, Dunn and Wright here, Barth and Bultmann here.

– MIT is using software to uncode Ugaritic that may help us better understand the biblical Hebrew text. Read about it here.

– Charles Garland gives five reasons to preach the OT here.

– Justin Taylor writes about loving mankind and people in particular here.

– C. Michael Patton ponders what it means to be an evangelical here. T.C. Robinson comments here.

– Zondervan is selling their A Reader’s Hebrew and Greek Bible for 50% off until the 26th here!