In spite all the hype Inception was a better film than I expected. It may have been the most captivating movie that I have watched since the original Matrix. The storyline was captivating and I was not one who would have seen that in the trailer. The visual graphics were astonishing. I almost wish I would have seen it in IMAX.

The storyline is much like the original Matrix in that it is mind bending. It explores epistemological themes from the beginning to the end. Where does knowledge end and faith begin? If we try to understand our existence do we find that we barely exist? In this narrative even those who seem to have a grasp on reality because they have gone in and out of it come to the point where the line between the real and the imaginary is blurry.

I have no intention of giving any sort of spoiler. All I want to do is join the myriad of voices who have praised this film. If you like to watch something that stretches your thinking, if you appreciate philosophy and/or theology, or if you have been waiting for something to match the impact that The Matrix made on your brain, this is a film you should see. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.