This week’s list of links includes the following:

Roger E. Olson is blogging now.

– Tim Henderson has begun a blog on Christian origins. (HT)

– Jim West has resurrected the blog carnival.

– The editors of Christianity Today has presented an editorial arguing that “creation care” can no longer be a “secondary” issue.

– Roger Yadon continues his discussion of clergy misconduct in Alaska.

– Jonathan Shradar explains why he does not like “multi-site” churches. Then he explains why he does.

– Michael Patton provides guidance for how to choose a seminary. He has a discussion on Dispensationalism as well. T.C. Robinson provides a brief response.

– James McGrath provides a round-up of the Ken Ham-Rachel Held Evans debates. In another post he shows you how to become a famous blogger.

– T.C. Robinson recounts his journey through the Book of Revelation. He ponders whether it is an early Christian Midrash of Psalm 2. In another post he discusses the longevity of N.T. Wright and Gordan D. Fee’s contributions to scholarship. Nick Norelli provides his take.

– Derek Ouellette defends the “institutionalized” church.

Katy Perry is a tongue talker? Yes, that Katy Perry.

– Brian McLaren supports Anne Rice’s recent comments about leaving Christianity. Shocking! Also, NPR has an interview with Rice about her big decision.

– Richard B. Gaffin and Waybe Grudem debate the nature of prophecy today. (HT)

Daniel Doleys responds to Daniel Kirk’s assertion that the Pastoral Epistles are not authentically Pauline.

– Larry Hurtado discusses Mark 16.8 and the “narrative shape” of Mark.

– Simon Gathercole is interviewed about The Gospel of Thomas and The Gospel of Judas.

– T. Desmond Howard is interviewed about biblical theology.

– N.T. Wright talks about C.S. Lewis’ classic Mere Christianity.

– Chris Reese reviews Life in the Spirit.

– Trevin Wax reviews Marcus Borg’s Putting Away Childish Things.

– Play a game to see if your religious beliefs are consistent here.