A few days back I wrote on “Worship music, what’s all the fuss about“.  In the back of mind I could not stop thinking about how many churches just get frozen in time.  They stop being culturally relevant.  I’m not against hymns personally, and that’s not really the point, but I wonder if this is the case where a church just refuses to move on with its culture, and that’s why they only sing hymns.  Now I’m not arguing that we should embrace everything that our culture is doing.  However, we do need to some extent remain culturally relevant if we intend to reach this generation with the gospel.  Have you ever walked into a church and swore you just went back in time about 50 years?  Do you think that is good?  I know some of you are thinking “COOL”.  I think that a church should reflect its neighborhood, and its culture, and that would of course include it’s music.  I don’t expect for a church in the Mid West to necessarily be the same as a church in Southern California were we go to church in sandals and shorts and sit on our surf/skate boards 😉  Anyhow, I hope you get what I mean.

It’s the same issues with the pastor wearing a suit?  It being required, we (pastors) stop wearing suits in our church sometime last year.  Hardly anyone wears a tie on Sunday morning anymore.  I wore a tie this last Sunday, I woke up feeling a bit rebellious 😉  Again, I’m not against a church choosing to be more formal and traditional just wondering what is the most effective way to reach people with the gospel, especially young people.  And do we need to be thinking about these sorts of things?  I wonder if the church I now attend will be dead, and not relevant 30 years from now because we won’t stop singing our Hillsong songs, and we still dress the same way, and preach the same sermons, that have nothing to do with the time we live in???

I have been on vacation for the last couple weeks, maybe I have had too much time on my hands and my brain is just too relaxed.  Michael Patton blog about a similar issue last month, you can read his post here “My Experience at LifeChurch.tv