Al your mind.

OK, I have a challenge for all the Joseph-like and Daniel-like interpreters of dreams out there. My wife had a hilarious dream sequence last night that she recalled to me this morning. I’d like to hear you take a crack at ciphering its meaning:

She had a dream that actor Taye Diggs was singing at a gospel-music concert. After his performance she was doing an interview with him  when a bunch of red alarms begun flashing and someone announced an incoming hurricane. Along with the rest of the crowd she rushed to the basement area of the building where Al Gore was giving a speech on global climate change. He was not on a stage or at a podium but rather sitting down in front of the crowd “like Jesus with his disciples” (her words) in front of a camp fire!

That is all she could recall. So we have an actor not known for his vocals doing gospel music before a hurricane hits leading everyone down stares where Al Gore is already in the middle of giving a speech, like Jesus, in front of a campfire, in a basement. OK, those with the ability to interpret dreams….go!