Another long list of recommendations to end the week:

– Chris Tilling returns to the blogosphere….Mark Stevens responds like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

– John Byron has begun blogging. (HT)

– Scot McKnight discusses Christians in academia. He has a post on biblical genealogies as well. Similarly, James McGrath writes about biblical genealogies as relates to evolution. Also similar, Doug Magnum and T.C. Robinson ask if the NT mentions an OT personality does this guarantee their historicity.

– Derek Ouellette ponders the “boundries” of evangelicalism. Joe Carter asks if evangelicals have become the new “mainline”.

– Lisa Robinson addresses Protestantism’s quick rejection of Catholicism.

– David Bristow says we should keep schools open on Christmas. I say he is a jerk. I would be so upset if my Christmas break had been taken away from me in high school.

– Christopher Benson asks what Augustine might say to the current creationist and ID supporters. In another post he asks why the religion-science debate continues.

– Michael Patton addresses the question we all are asking: do dogs go to heaven?

– Mark Stevens is giving away a copy of N.T. Wright’s The Resurrection of the Son of God. Also, he is wondering whether or not he should use the ESV and explains why he does use the NIV.

– Daniel Kirk continues his series on the church “post-inerrancy” here, here, here, and here. Our own Robert Jimenez has been blogging on the same subject here and here.

– Roger Olson tells us why he has problems with Calvinism.

– Kevin Young explains the difference between election and predestination.

– Michael Bird shares some quotes from Ernst Kasemann on discipleship.

– Jonathan Brown has begun a series on Richard Bauckham’s Christology (see here, here, and here).

– Michael J. Gorman previews a paper that he is writing on a “not so new model” of the atonement.

– T.C. Robinson has “re-embraced amillenialism”.

– Rodney Thomas writes on “sexual ethics and Logos Christology“.

– Rodney Decker shares a list of articles on using Greek in ministry. (HT)

– Charles Garland reflects on teaching through Jeremiah.

– Nick Norelli reviews Timothy C. Gray’s The Temple in the Gospel of Mark.

– James McGrath has reviewed Jerome Neyrey’s The Gospel of John in Cultural and Rhetorical Perspective.

– Chris Reese reviews Graham A. Cole’s God the Peacemaker.

– Four evangelical leaders tell us what they would change about seminary (including my former professor, Jeff Louie).

– It appears more young adults are now going into ministry. Be aware–it doesn’t pay well!

– Bill Gates says “place based” colleges will become less important in the next five years thanks to technological advancements. I wonder if ATS got that memo.