He Loves Me…He Loves Me Not (2002)

I have seen this film twice now and I enjoyed it each time. It stars Audrey Tatou as a young woman named Angelique who is deeply in love with a married man whom she expects to leave his wife to be with her. Throughout the film the plot lines becomes more and more complicated as things don’t go as planned. This causes Angelique to behave in such a way that she begins to isolate those closest to her as she waits for her dream relationship to begin. The film slowly brings you along to the point where you begin to question everything you know about the relationship before revealing all the details.

If you want a suspense thriller that at first glance appears to be an awkward take at a romance flick this may peak your interest. If not, I still recommend it to those who like plots that twist and turn.

The Ghost Writer (2010)

This is another suspense thriller staring Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan. It is directed by Roman Polanski. McGregor plays “The Ghost” who has been hired to write the memoirs for former British Prime Minister Adam Lang who is played by Brosnan. As he delves into Lang’s past the world joins him as Lang becomes a suspect for “crimes against humanity”. Political tensions build and the man who was hired to write now finds himself thick in the middle of controversy.

The film is good in and of itself but I found it to be an interesting “commentary” on the relationship between the US and the UK, between G.W. Bush and Tony Blair, and all that partnership entailed. It takes a look at the wars we are currently fighting as well as questions regarding the “fight” against terror and human rights. If these issues interest you so will this film.