This morning one of my co-workers played a song from YouTube that she remembered from being a child in Sunday School. It was  about Noah’s Ark and the great flood. It talked about the water falling on the people and so forth and so on. I wonder if the next song will be about Joshua and the Israelites slaughtering all the pagans and their women and children!

Is it only me or is it a tad odd that we have kids sing songs of God’s judgment from a young age while panicking when they listen to Miley Cyrus? Do you think we should introduce children to these biblical stories in such a bubble wrapped way? Should we wait until they are older while singing songs about the fruits of the Spirit or something a tad less controversial when they are young? Or is there a benefit to slowly introducing the more controversial aspects of the biblical narrative to young children in a way that allows them to ponder it from a cautious angle?