Week in Review: 08.27.10

This is the final list of recommendations for the month of August:

– Daniel Kirk talks about recent motions in the SBL here and here. Also, he is thinking about the doctrine of hell.

– Fr. Ted Bobosh has begun a series on Orthodoxy here, here, and here.

– Lisa Robinson shares a “gripe” about the Word/Faith Movement.

– Roger Olson writes on evangelicalism’s relationship with Open Theism. Marc Cortez comments. Olson goes on to say Open Theism doesn’t matter. Does anything matter to Olson? Why am I reading his blog again?!

– Joel Watts ask if there is something wrong with seminaries or if it is the seminarians.

– Robert Kashow explains the problem with “confessional institutions”.

– Hunter Baker wants to know why so many people have made different interpretations of Genesis a primary issue of debate.

– Trevin Wax tells us how the church prepares us for Judgment Day.

– Charles Garland provides four reasons for studying the OT sacrificial system.

– Mark Stevens has a question about preaching the Psalms.

– Larry Hurtado provides a “new take” on Christ’s cry from the cross. He shares his published review of James Dunn’s Did the First Christians Worship Jesus? as well as an essay on Martin Hengel’s impact.

– Nick Norelli shares some Simon Gathercole lectures on the pre-existence of Christ.

– T.C. Robinson talks about the gifts in relation to Gal. 5.13. On another note, he has re-embraced being a “Christian” but he is still struggling with being called an “evangelical”. Marc Cortez makes a plea for not abandoning the label too quickly. Finally, T.C. has some problems with “Pulpit-Centered Worship”. I’m personally concerned when people begin to actually worship pulpits!!!

– Scott Bailey is doing a series on apocalypticism in Luke here, here, here, here, and here.

– Jonathan Brown outlines Paul’s reason for writing Romans.

– James McGrath shares a quote from Adele Berlin that reminds us we must distinguish between a historical person and their literary representative.

– Derek Ouellette interviews Ruth Hoppin who has argued that Priscilla wrote the Book of Hebrew. Also, he shares some thoughts on the “Calvinism” of Jude while concluding it is more synergistic.

– Chris Reese reviews James E. White’s Christ Among the Dragons.

– Scott Lencke begins Marcus J. Borg’s Putting Away Childish Things.

– C. Michael Patton reviews Logos 4. Also, he shares his view on Christians being prohibited to drink alcohol. It made me want to go down a Guinness!

14 thoughts on “Week in Review: 08.27.10

  1. Brian said: “Does anything matter to Olson?”

    HA! That was funny.

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention my series of polemics against Evangelicalism’s new love of evolution and the denial of inerrancy. JK


  2. I like Olson (used to like him a lot more) but I think Olson likes to pick fights. I remember when he tried to pick a fight with Pentecostals and James K. A. Smith had to smack him around a bit. He focused on Olson’s tendency to share anonymous anecdotes to prove things. I think if you read his blog even a bit you’ll notice he does have a tendency to do that.

  3. This happened on a blog called Mere Orthodoxy. Olson put out an essay at Christian Century on Pentecostals and Smith responded on the blog which Olson was also a member of. Olson responded in the comments as did some other people and Smith responded back and that was the end of it.

    Unfortunately the blog is no longer around (not even in a cache on Google) but you can probably find it on Internet Archive.

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