Brian’s previous title for his John the Baptist series has generated some stir. The first was taken up by Dr. Jim West on the August ’10 Biblical Studies Carnival. The second was taken up by Dr. Marc Cortez on the Western Seminary ThM blog page, and carried into the comments.

Yesterday I posted my interest in a PhD. Today I may have to retract my interest. Brian and I, two mere Master students, simply do not know enough about Seinfeld to know what was going on here—hence Brian’s post requesting help for interpreting Dr. West’s statements. Dr. Cortez obviously knew what was up (here and here).

In light of all this, there are two things I can reasonably conclude: 1) after attaining a PhD one’s time is spent immersed in Seinfeld—all day, every day; or 2) the rigors of a PhD drives one to Seinfeld addiction, possibly starting just after graduation, but more likely at some point during the program’s greatest intensity.

Since I have no intention of becoming a Seinfeld-oid, I will have to retract any excitement about and suppress any thought of pursuing a PhD. Thanks, Jim and Marc, for helping me to make this decision this early in the game!

(By the way, Nick Norelli is obviously an undercover PhD. First, Dr. Chris Tilling consults with Nick on his dissertation (also here). Next, Dr. Nick knew exactly what Dr. Jim was talking about—and Dr. Nick even knew the exact Seinfeld episode and its link to YouTube! Oh, and Dr. James McGrath tries to play innocent—although he’s more of a LOST-oid. Still…)