Welcome to September! Here is the first list of the month:

– Jim West’s August Carnival is here.

– Scot McKnight’s blog has moved again!

– The website “Beginning with Moses” is back.

Donald G. Bloesch has passed away.

– Ben Myers shares a quote from Rowan Williams on “writing as discovery”.

– Marc Cortez shares a quote from Miraslov Volf on “the eschatological significance of human work”.

– Nick Norelli has posted a quote from Marvin Vincent on Mt. 16.18. Also, he asks if Jesus spoke Greek in Caesarea-Philippi and he announces that Durham is putting some of their research online now. Along with Durham the University of Sheffield’s biblical studies program has begun a blog. (HT)

– Fr. Ted Bobosh continues his series on Orthodoxy here and here.

– Justin Taylor outlines the difference between Mormonism and biblical Christianity.

– Robert Kashow has more to say on confessional institutions. This time he addresses inerrancy and he is chronicling the history of the problem.

Rodney Thomas Chad Insert Last Name Here Presley asks what you would name as the top five characteristics of Christianity.

– Mark Stevens wants to know if one can be “Reformed” without being “Calvinist”.

– Derek Ashton ponders the subject of “compatiblism”.

– Scot McKnight tells us why theologians are valuable.

– Derek Ouellette writes about the “canon as covenant”. Also, he provides his top six “misnomers” about Open Theism. While we are on this subject, Roger Olson explains why he is not an Open Theist. Also, he tackles the problem of God and evil in one blog post! (OK, so he doesn’t)

– Scott Lencke meditates on what it means to be the body of Christ.

– Larry Hurtado addresses the historical conditioning of Scripture.

– Michael J. Gorman explains why we need a “new model of the atonement”.

– Scott Bailey continues his series on apocalypticism in Luke here, here, and here. Also, he shares some thoughts on being a DSS/Second Temple scholar.

– Michael Bird provides a (very small) preview of Gordon D. Fee’s new commentary in Revelation.

– David Stark announces a new Hebrew grammar by Fred Putnam.

– Joel Watts announces Richard Mouw’s new book Uncommon Decency.

Justin Taylor previews Eckhard J. Schnabel’s Paul the Missionary.

– Derek Ouellette reviews Alister McGrath’s The Passionate Intellect.

The folks over at 9Marks have put together a journal with articles on hell. I don’t think I will be reading this before bed.

– Stephen Hawking has declared that God is not necessary for creation. Well, I guess that settles it?! Mark Stevens has a joke to share that says it doesn’t!