I sit here in Borders after overhearing a woman’s disbelief in Christianity. She made a comment that really caught my attention. She remarked, “Even Satan worshippers are better people than just about every Christian I know.” Another young gal who was into similar non-Christian religions heard the comment and affirmed it.

The most sensitive subjects in America seem to be religion and politics. I sometimes wonder if some of the hardest people to love are those who are on the opposite end of the spectrum and are openly opposed to one’s own religious beliefs. It is easy to put up the defensive shield—and sometimes turn on a cynical, offensive, or even nasty attitude—toward these people.

While apologetics and reasoning are fine tools for the Christian, at the end of the day, the thing that counts is love toward those who believe differently and even are hostile. After the debating and reasoning are done, can I still buy such persons a meal and sit down and care about their problems with them despite the insults hurled? Can I rejoice with them in times of rejoicing and cry with them in times of struggle? Or do I turn away because they speak loudly and shamelessly against the faith and Lord most precious to me?

Who have you found hardest to love, and how have you shown the love of Christ to them?