These are the links that I found worth sharing this week:

– James K.A. Smith begins a series giving advice to students considering graduate studies. First, he says you need to “think backwards”. Second, he addresses how to choose a discipline. Third, he advises how one should choose a school (with additional advice here). Fourth, he talks about money. Fifth, friends and family.

– Dan Wallace tells you what kind of Bible you should own. T.C. Robinson responds.

– Fr. Ted Bobosh continues to continue his series on Orthodoxy here, here, here, here, here, and here.

– Rodney Thomas examines the “Radical Orthodoxy” of John Milbank.

– Ben Myers shares a talk he gave on “the risen Christ and Christian scholarship”.

– Daniel Kirk has some wise words to say about the “Cosmic Christ as Second Adam” in response to the so-called “Big Tent” Christianity folk.

– Roger Olson explains the Arminian understanding of “original sin”.

– Scott Lencke is “introducing” the gifts of the Spirit. Also, he has posted a book review of Marcus Borg’s Putting Away Childish Things.

– Mike Bird introduces Paul Foster’s commentary on the Gospel of Peter here and here.

– T.C. Robinson reviews Justification by N.T. Wright.

– Nick Norelli reviews The Anointed Son by Myk Habets.

– Marc Cortez tells us that you don’t need a Th.M. Great, now that I am half-way through it! Mark Stevens shares some adjacent thoughts.

– James McGrath provides a lists of blog post on the whole 9/11 Qur’an burning event/non-event/maybe-still-an-event-if-the-media-continues-to-give-Terry-Jones-attention here.

– Trevin Wax identifies three kinds of writers.