I’m trying to come up with a clever title for new books that I get on my iPad, which includes the following ebook readers: Kindle, iBooks, and nook.  One of the fun things about blogging is sharing what new books we got, because yes it’s true we are Book Biblio Geeks (BBGs).

Also since getting my iPad I’ve realized something, I don’t love physical books, I love reading.  Printed books were just the method, the vehicle to transfer that information to the reader.  I know it’s just me but honestly I don’t miss picking up a book and reading it.  I thought I would, but after having the iPad for some time I much rather read on it that an actual book.  So much so that I am considering getting the new Kindle (Christmas), for $140.00 because I do share my iPad with my family and most of my books are on the Kindle anyhow.  Also it is very difficult to read out doors with an iPad so having a Kindle would help and be really nice device to have in our home so that I can share my iPad more willingly.

The typical title is “In the Mail”, and we all know they are sharing their new book, so what shall we call the digital equivalent?  Here are a few that I thought of:

  1. “On the eReader” – generic
  2. “On the iPad” – restricted
  3. “New eBook” – generic

Give me some more and we can create a blogging standard 😉